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Sunday 18 June 2006

An mp3 player that makes new songs out of your favorite tunes, deconstructing and reconstructing time based objects.

Time has always been one main topic to explore. Time could be the personal time : time of memories and hopes, time of impatience and regrets. But time is also objective, technologic, managed by time machines, clocks and computers.
Every time you listen to that same old song, some kind of feeling or emotion comes back up. But Killing Prophets takes that old song in its mp3 or wave format and reinterpret it through a random access play mode, changing it into some noisy breaks. This software/sound piece, published on my personal website in 2006, is an attempt to challenge the properties of the support on which our best memories are engraved, challenging memories themselves by proposing a new way to make them present.

You can download the application (PPC only) :

Zip - 1.1 Mb
killing prophets (osx/PPC)