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Since 2006, my work has been dedicated to an artistic, poetic, conceptual and technologic research focused on the questions of experience, desire, love and ethics. Amour Augmenté ("augmented love", in reference to the so called "augmented reality") is the generic name of this research : it develops the hypothesis that the relationship to the Other is always related to some technology (tools, knowledge, standards, etc.) In some ways, love travels through wires and connections, through waves and digital encoding, through words and gestures. Rooted in the basic poetic dazzles that sparkle from things and devices when the (metaphysical) question of the other pass through them, my approach is spread in different fields and practices : art (performances, interactive installations, etc.), technology and design, academics (philosophy, phenomenology).

Latest articles

  • One Missed Call / Un appel en

    Locus Sonus Residency Program, Symposium #8 "Audio Mobility" : a conference and an exhibition with drafts and sketches, a purple vidéo, a painting, an interactive sound (...)
  • Amour Augmenté, Dramaturgie

    An installation for two persons. Technology writes their story. Solo show @Espace des Minimes (Compiègne, France), may 16 - june 2 2013. With Olivier Zol, Etienne Landon (...)
  • Love Oriented Future

    Performance in collaboration with Chrissy Howland-Métais, creation of a virtually situated rendez-vous. @festival Les Composites (Compiègne, France) 3 april 2012, @festival (...)
  • Untitled (Piezos and Cart)

    May the 7th 2011, installation for BQE eyelevel Gallery @School Nite (233 Mott St), New Museum festival of ideas for the new city, NYC. Extreme paganism looking for a way (...)
  • Amour Augmenté, Etude

    Installation @Videopolis Festival 2011 (Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD, USA) and Performance @La compagnie on the 8th and 16th of February 2008. About the sense of touch (...)
  • (impossible) intercontinental

    May the 7th 2011. Fabrice Métais et Annie Abrahams. A telematic tactile performance between Paris and New York.
  • American Lover

    Industrial love and over-amplified nudity @festival variable(s) #3 (La distillerie, Aubagne) July 17th 2010
  • The Global Tactile Consolation

    A social anonymous tactile digital network
  • sacrifice d’amour augmenté

    4 performances in collaboration with Antoine Dudouyt @festival Préavis de désordre urbain (Marseille, France) 26, 27, 29 and 30 of september (...)