Amour Augmenté, Dramaturgie

This important project comes along with my conceptual work in phenomenology and ethics. The basic principle consists in an installation made of two different paths. The public is invited to visit the installation by groups of two persons. Each of them use a different path.

Along those paths some technologic devices (cross photo booth, chat station, phones, tactile interactions, cameras, etc.) offer them to get in touch with the other (in the other path). Step by step, the possibilities and the constraints of the devices write (or take part to the writing) of the story of the relation.

In an attempt to design the experience of the relation to the other (desire, doubts, impatience, etc.), we created a sequence of possibilities, a system of relations.
At the end of the path, a little card is printed : a souvenir, but also a material thing to possess and share.

Along the creative process of this piece, students from the Universite de Technologie de Compiègne have been invited to elaborate imaginative scenarios and to modelize them with 3D graphics tools :

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