One Missed Call / Un appel en absence (conference + expo + perf @ESAAix)

Three Months of investigations in philosophy, art and technology about the mobile phone and other locative media. Investigations about sound, voice, tools and inscription, time and desire, destinations and choice.

Conference : Of God’s Word Terrestrial Acoustics : A Missed Call

18th of april 2014, ESAAix Amphitheater
Levinas, Leroi-Gourhan, Derrida - an externalized body for the contact with the other as other - caress and desire suspended to the inscription of a missed call.
download pdf :

Of God’s Word Terrestrial Accoustics : A Missed Call

Exhibition : One Missed Call / Un appel en absence

17-18th avril, ESAAix Gallery

For this symposium, I put together some prints regarding some of the research pathways explored during the residency, to share with my colleagues.

• Acoustique du dilemme : le féminin et le tiers
• Screwed and Chopped Memory
• Asymétrie radicale de l’espace (sonore)
• Pensée technique et mode magique
• Sémiotisation et grammatisation des gestes du toucher-l’autre
• Médiation et hantise
• Hors carte
• Stigmates

I also put down 7 potential projects :

• Amour Augmenté, Programme Spatial, vol d’essai, vol inaugural
• Etude topologique et statistique des révélations divines
• (audio) Intimacy Exploration Device
• Sentiers
• Cartographie sonore de ton corps de chair
• 10 (audio) Love Letters Geolocated in 10 Inaccessible Places
• ...

Projects where presented as fitting into a standard form :

There was a purple video entitled "Follow That (Screwed and Chopped) Dream" - a bucolic and hallucinated evocation of a texan screwed and chopped dream coming out from a purple cave.

There was a painting, a Portrait of Emmanuel Levinas with blue eyes, entitled La couleur des yeux - here refering to Levinas philosophy of the face, especially when stating that the best way to meet the other is to not even notice the colour of his/her eyes. Here questioning the possibility of a levinassian art, when the risk is to betray the truth by wanting too much to show it.

There was also An interactive sound map

And, on Thursday April 17th at 4pm, a performance :

Impudeurs 2, Parc Jourdan

I just asked people in a park if they could look at me in my eyes and tell me "I love you" in the microphone (see also this old piece).

The performance was broadcasted on the Internet through an audio stream, and aired at the ESAAix Gallery.

I want to sincerely thank Locus Sonus, Seconde Nature, ESAAix, Fondation Vasarely, my co-residents (Elena Biserna, Laurent Di Biase and Marie Muller), Charlotte Benedittini and Annabelle Verhaeghe, for their help and support. It’s been a great residency !